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Zhangzhou Changshan Pinsin Automobile Appliance Co., Ltd.--Brake masters, wheel cylinders, clutch assemblies, clutch masters & operating cylinders, clutch slave cylinders, clutch master cylinders


Founded in 1997, Zhangzhou Changshan Pinsin Automobile Appliance Co., Ltd is Taiwanese company with operations on the island and in Zhangzhou, Fujian, southeastern China, mainly engaged in brake system parts. At its modern factory in Changshan Industrial District, the company employs skilled wor

Shang Hao Precision Technology Co., Ltd.--OEM industrial parts, valve components, auto parts, elevator buttons, construction hardware, sport parts, fittings


Shang Hao Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is a dedicated maker of metal parts for wide-ranging application, including automobiles, 3C products, industrial production, etc. To achieve qualitative consistency, the company has continued to bring in advanced production and quality inspection equipmen

Tso Racing Co., Ltd.--Strut bars, sway bars, wheel bearing spacers, sequential blow-off valves, gear shift levers, shift knobs, wheel nuts, etc.


Inaugurated in 1990, Tso Racing Co., Ltd. is a major Taiwanese supplier of performance-tuning parts, exhaust system parts and body parts for various car makes and models. Strut bars are among Tso Racing’s hot-selling products marketed globally under its “SPR” brand, all of which are developed wi

An Jee Rubber Co., Ltd.--Brake master cylinder repair kits, clutch operating cylinder repair kits, single master cylinder repair kits, brake hoses, cup kits, rubber parts


Founded in 1985 in Chiayi County, southern Taiwan, An Jee Rubber Co., Ltd. is a veteran maker of rubber parts and brake and clutch repair kits for cars and motorcycles with over 30 years of experience. The company’s product lineup encompasses brake master cylinder repair kits, clutch master cyli

AEPS Trading Co., Ltd.--Pistons, cylinder liner kits, piston rings, cylinder liners, engine bearings, gasket overhaul kits, engine gaskets, engine valves, and other engine parts--


AEPS Trading Co., Ltd. is a specialized and experienced supplier of various engine parts specifically for Japanese and Korean makes and models as well as other vehicles, having built sound reputation among the automotive segment, particularly in the aftermarket. The company’s product lineup enco



台湾保来得(Porite)为台湾最大粉末冶金厂,汽车零件一次性接单数量大到以百万件计,全球具备如此庞大产能并确保稳定品质者屈指可数,获得国际车厂指定为供应商。德国Continental集团更颁予优良供应商奖,为台湾唯一。 保来得竹南工厂为全球最大产能的单一工厂,VVT(Variable Valve Timing)节能引擎的复杂、高精度的内燃机部件就在这里生产。总经理朱秋龙估计,2025年全球汽车年产量上看1.25亿辆,10年内全球引擎车仍高达一亿辆以上,「20年内需求相当可观。」各国法规要求汽车加装具有高节能效益的VVT节能引擎,市场前景佳,保来得这二年加速扩大产能,增加烧结炉,年产能

Porite Looks to Be World’s Largest Supplier in Powdered Metal Parts for Automobiles


Porite Taiwan Co., Ltd. is Taiwan’s largest powder metallurgy company, with unparalleled production capacity and capability. Capable of filling orders for several million pieces of powdered metal parts for automobiles at once and with incredibly consistent quality, the company has tapped supply cha

Mada Supplies Innovative Tire Gauges and Air Chucks with Top-end Quality


Since its inception in 1997 in New Taipei City, northern Taiwan, Mada Enterprise Co., Ltd., has been engaged in designing, developing and manufacturing high-quality tire pressure gauges, air chucks and related tire tools, with products marketed globally under its “MADA” brand. The company’s prod

Taiwan’s Garden Tool Makers Stick to Market-driven R&D


Bolstered by consummate production capability and ample practices, Taiwan’s garden tool manufacturers have enjoyed a prominent status in the global market for some years. Some of them even stand taller than most peers because of their strong concentration on R&D driven by market trends. As globa

Taiwanese Gardening Product Makers Pursue Sustainable Growth with Different Strategies--Makers generally resort to R&D as means to stay competitive


Garden tools along with related accessories, which totally generate export revenue of around US$95 million on average every year, are a major contributor to overall exports by the industry of hand tools in Taiwan, with most of which have been well received by professionals and DIY in the U.S. and E

SDY International Co., Ltd.--Tornado Drain Stick, plumbing tools, fuel line assemblies, fuel filters, hose clamps, motor accessories, trail rollers, jacks and winches, marine hardware


With nearly three decades of experience in manufacturing hardware and related parts and accessories for marine and boating uses, SDY International Co., Ltd. has grown into a versatile, globally-known Taiwanese supplier of such products, as well as various pet products and plumbing tools. With un

Tedsco Inc.--Engine parts, automatic transmission filters and parts, brake parts, suspension parts--


The TS16949-certified Tedsco Inc. is a versatile maker and supplier of a wide range of auto parts for assorted applications, especially engine, transmission, brake, suspension parts for cars, trucks and buses, agricultural machinery, marine vessels etc. The firm globally markets some of its qual

Pro Joint International Co., Ltd.--Oil seals, O-rings, bonded seals, V-rings, Gamma seals, U-rings, rubber parts, etc.


Founded in 2002, Pro Joint International Co., Ltd. is a veteran maker of high-quality sealing products, and a versatile supplier of various auto and motorcycle parts, all of which are known to be durable and widely popular among customers all over the world. The ISO 9001-approved maker produces

Autogrip Machinery Co., Ltd.--Rubber-grip collect chuck


Autogrip Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1989 in central Taiwan, has recently released a series of rubber-grip collect chucks, becoming Taiwan’s first homegrown maker of the crucial component. Its rubber chucks do not only compete on quality as similar European products, but also come with some

Yousing Precision Industry Co., Ltd.--Product & Mold Design and Manufacture, OEM, processing service, CNC milling, CNC lathing, precision parts & components, electronic parts, mechanical parts, etc.


Founded in 1979, Yosin Ind. Co., Ltd. is a veteran company specializing in OEM/ODM manufacturing with integrated capability from product and mold/die development, manufacturing, processing, surface treatment, assembly to packaging. The firm is known for always sticking to the highest quality-contro

Tung Hsiang Machinery Enterprise Co., Ltd.--Hot-press forming machines


Tung Hsing Machinery Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990 in northern Taiwan as a builder of hot-press forming machines. Thanks to its experienced and well-trained R&D team, the company has expanded product lineup to include rubber injection molding machines, vacuum-type rubber forming machi

Rekrow Industrial Inc.--Butane gas-powered burning tools


Founded in 1986, Rekrow Industrial Inc. focuses on the development of butane gas powered tool technology, which gradually became its core competency. Today the company’s main product lines include: Micro Torch, Soldering Iron, Micro Burner, and Smart Stove, which are widely used in automotive, den

ChinaPlas 2016 to Provide Close-up Look at Advancement of E&E Products through Polymer Technologies--High-performance materials & automated, precision processing driving innovation


Electrical and electronics (E&E) products are becoming smaller, more interconnected and increasingly demanding in terms of performance requirements. Designers continue to cram additional electronic features into the slim, compact form factors of these packages. This often makes them run hotter w

New-PTW Sales Increase in Sept., but Vendors Reserved Toward Q4 Sales


Sales of new powered two-wheelers (PTWs) in Taiwan continued on a recovering trend in September, increasing 4.8 percent from a year earlier, or year-on-year (YoY), to reach 74,156 units, according to statistics compiled by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC). However, Septem

Chairman Wu Talks about Bright Spots amid Challenges Facing Taiwan Plumbing and Bathroom Fittings Industry --Training programs set up to replenish labor pool for sustained growth


As mostly an unsung hero, Y.D. Wu, chairman of the Plumbing Association of Taiwan (PAT), the island’s only trade group representing several hundred manufacturers and subcontractors of plumbing, bathroom fittings and products in Changhua, central Taiwan, is in the last year of his second 2-year tenu

Hung Ta Garden Enterprise Co., Ltd.--Hoses, nozzles, misters, sprayers, sprinklers, connectors, joints, tubes, elastic garden hoses


Gardening is increasingly popular with consumers and weekend gardeners in the U.S. and Europe, as many market reports show that people are spending more leisure time in their backyards and gardens to socialize, host garden parties, lawn games and beverage brewing events. Driven by the trend, the

Jim Technology Targets Supercar Market with "iPE" Performance Exhaust Systems--Focus on boutique products pays off as Taiwan brand expands in the super high-end market


Established in Taiwan by a group of talented professionals, Jim Technology Co., Ltd. is the world's leading manufacturer of sophisticated performance exhaust systems. The company has aimed its "iPE" (Innotech Performance Exhaust)-branded products at the super high-end sports car market, counting su

Autogrip Machinery Co., Ltd.--Power chucks, rotary cylinders, collet chucks


Autogrip Machinery Co., Ltd. builds power chucks and rotary cylinders for processing high-precision products. Autogrip, operating a 43,200-square-foot plant in central Taiwan, supplies innovative products developed by its in-house R&D department. Meeting international standards such as SGS IS

Eastar Machine Tools Corp.--Slotting machines, slotting heads, and educational machining centers


Eastar Machine Tools Corp., founded in 1967, is a machinery maker particularly adept at slotting machines, slotting heads and educational machining centers. With integrated service capability, the company also doubles as a provider of various machines and related components, turnkey systems and

Pro Joint International Co., Ltd.--Oil seals, bonded seals, O-rings, V-rings, Gamma seals, U-rings, rubber parts, etc.


Founded in 2002, Pro Joint International Co., Ltd. is a veteran maker of high-quality sealing products, and a versatile supplier of various auto and motorcycle parts. The firm produces in-house wide-ranging sealing items, including oil seals (all types, such as shaft seals, valve stem seals, etc

FBG Industry Co. Ltd.--Crank pulleys, cylinder head bolts, timing kits, engine valves, etc.


FBG Industry Co., Ltd. is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of automotive engine parts and performance parts with more than 10 years of experience in the field. The company offers a comprehensive range of products comprising more than 15,000 items, with continual development of new ranges of

Cheng Mao Precision Sealing Co., Ltd.--Oil seals, A/C compressor seals, valve stem seals, crankshaft and camshaft seals, C.V. joint boots, transmission seals, cassette seals, hydraulic seals, etc.


Cheng Mao Precision Sealing Co., Ltd. is an ISO/TS 16949:2009-certified company specializing in designing, developing and manufacturing all kinds of quality oil seals for a host of applications. The company is very proud of its industry-leading ability in providing technical support, top quality it

Lu Chou Machinery Works--Rocker arms, valve lifters, rocker shafts, cam shafts, tappets, filters, fuel pumps, water pumps, oil pumps


Thanks to long-term devotion to the business, the ISO 9002-certified Lu Chou Machinery Works has grown into Taiwan's largest supplier of rocker arms, valve lifters, and cam shafts for the global automotive aftermarket. With constant investment in product development and smooth business growth,

OEM Engine Parts Manufacturer Inc.--Engine gaskets, engine rubber parts, industrial gaskets


OEM Engine Parts Manufacturer Inc. is a major supplier of a wide range of engine gaskets and repair kits. Products in the ISO 9001:2000-certified firm’s catalog include full sets, head sets, cylinder head gaskets, and rubber compounds (rocker covers, oil pans, oil seals, valve stem seals, liner O-r

Oriental Star Chemical Inc.--C.V. joint boots, steering rack boots, rubber parts, rubber bushings, etc.


Oriental Star Chemical Inc. was established in 1991 and is today a TS 16949-certified company that is dedicated to developing and making various kinds of high-quality automotive rubber and silicon parts. The company says that the master-batch accelerators and refined processing rubber that it pr